Deborah and Bhukhu

living between australia and india

In earlier years Deborah Emmett studied graphic design and photography. She has pursued a career in design recently completing a masters in design. Since 2003 Deborah and her husband Riyaz have moved between their homes in Sydney and Delhi in operating their company Tradition Textiles. Specialising in scarves, clothing and interior furnishings they work with textile artisans to create their handcrafted collections. The use of natural, quality fibres and environmentally sustainable dyes is essential to their textile production.

Deborah is responible for designing the collections for her company. Production of the textiles by silkscreening, digital printing, woodblock printing or weaving is done in India in collaboration with skilled artisans whose expertise assists Deborah in realising her designs. Every year new textile prints are created for the summer clothing range. Deborah admires traditional textile techniques and where possible incorporates them into her contemporary designs. At the Tradition Textiles studio in Delhi all production is checked before sending.

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